New Clients

• Please be sure to include 2 references from providers you have seen within the last 6 months.

If you have never seen a provider, or don’t have a recent reference, you may choose one of my alternative screening methods:

 1.-Email a photo of government issued identification to , add company website, or your linkdl.

 2.-A 50% deposit to my descreet email or in the form of a gift certificate of my choice.

Regular Clients

• -Regular and pre-screened clients have the option of booking me through text, twitter or Email for short notice sessions.

When I'm Touring Clients

  1.   Prebooking is recommended

  2. 50% deposit may be requested.

  3. One Reference from a provider or photo of government issued identification,
    add company website, or your linkdn.

To Book Please Fill the form down below or send me an email with the following:

* Brief introduction about yourself

* Full name

* Age

* Email address

* Phone number

* Date, time, and length of time you’d like to meet.

* Verification information: 2 references from verifiable providers. If you don’t have references you can provide me your employment information.

You can contact me via email:

Mandatory Booking Form

OR if you do not have references you may email  copy of your photo of a government-issued ID with nothing blurred out, OR deposit that is determined by the length of your desired appointment


Contact me at:

Twitter @DateGiselleRio